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MMU2 Traffic Detection
MMU2 Traffic Detection
VSN240 Wireless Flush-Mount Sensor
VSN240 Wireless Flush-Mount Sensor
Smartspan Traffic Detection
Smartspan Traffic Detection Unit

When our customers require solutions for wired and wireless traffic detection, they turn to RGA, LLC. We provide design & implementation assistance as well as training for our traffic detection products, including detection systems from Eberle Design, Inc (EDI). A wide variety of signal monitors, loop monitors, power supplies, and more are available from EDI. As these systems continue to benefit from the advances in technologies, most programming and monitoring can be done remotely or from a traffic management center. We also offer sophisticated detection systems from Iteris that include video and radar detection. These systems include the Vantage Edge products that can feature streaming video & remote access and the Vantage Vector providing radar detection to assist with dilemma zone decisions. Sensys Networks is also represented by RGA to provide a cost effective and flexible wireless solution to vehicle detection, system inputs, and data collection. 

Present your detection challenges to us and allow us to work with you find the best solution. To learn more, please contact RGA directly.


Traffic Detection Products & Benefits

Eberle Design, Inc.
  • Recognized as a worldwide developer and manufacturer of reliable high-performance component products designed to enhance and augment traffic control systems
  • Is a member of ITSA, IFA, NEMA, ITE, IMSA, IPI, IDA and AFA industry organizations
  • Array of products including signal monitors, vehicle detectors, power supplies, flashers, load switches, and other vital infrastructure devices enables transportation professionals to integrate, automate, and manage traffic highways and intersections easily, efficiently and safely
  • Is ISO 9001:2008 certified
EDI-Type 170-179-2070 Signal MonitorPdf (PDF - 215KB)

EDI Model 2010ECL Signal MonitorPdf(PDF - 289KB)

EDI-Model 2018ECL Signal MonitorPdf (PDF - 289KB)

NEMA BIU-700 Bus Interface Unit (BIU)Pdf (PDF - 275KB)

LMD301 Series Deflectometer Series - Single Channel NEMA TS-1 Loop MonitorPdf (PDF - 458KB)

LMD622t-Deflectometer Series Two Channel NEMA TS-2 Type C Loop MonitorPdf (PDF - 197KB)

MMU16E-NEMA Malfunction Management UnitPdf (PDF - 380KB)

Oracle Enhanced Series - Intelligent LCD Inductive Loop MonitorsPdf (PDF - 210KB)

PS-175-Heavy Duty Rack Power SupplyPdf (PDF - 192KB)

PS-200 NEMA TS-2 Cabinet Power SupplyPdf (PDF - 160KB)

PS250 NEMA TS-2 Cabinet Power SupplyPdf (PDF - 374KB)

SSM-6LE AND SSM-12LE Series - Enhanced NEMA Signal Monitor.Pdf(PDF - 174KB)
  • Leader in providing intelligent information solutions to the traffic management system
  • Apply advanced tech and software to reduce traffic congestion
  • Automated integration of data into applications used by public agencies, in telematic applications and in web mobile applications
  • Offers a wide range of analytics applications and visualization tools to allow firms to quickly analyze large amounts of data and to turn data into actionable information
Iteris Vantage EdgeConnectPdf (PDF - 227KB)

Iteris Vantage Edge 2Pdf (PDF - 326KB)

Iteris Vantage Input-Output & Extension ModulesPdf (PDF - 247KB)

Iteris RZ-4 Advanced CameraPdf (PDF - 280KB)

Iteris RZ-4 Advanced WDRPdf (PDF - 242KB)

Iteris Vantage RZ-4 CameraPdf (PDF - 225KB)

Iteris Vantage T32-IMPdf (PDF - 280KB)

Iteris Vantage SmartCyclePdf (PDF - 264KB)

Iteris Vantage SmartSpanPdf (PDF - 236KB)

Iteris Vantage VectorPdf (PDF - 310KB)
  • Leading provider of wireless traffic detection and integrated traffic data system
  • Cost effective wireless solutions provide a flexible, highly scalable unified platform with an unprecedented ease of implementation deployment and use
  • Over 150 customers in 40 US states, and 10 countries, our award-winning wireless transportation solutions are delivering on a future of sustainable, effective, and economical mobility solutions—on a global scale
Sensys - CC & EX Contact Closure CardsPdf (PDF - 2258KB)

Access Point Controller Card (APCC) - Data SheetPdf (PDF - 2258KB)

Sensys AP240 Access Point DatasheetPdf (PDF - 471KB)

Sensys - RP240-BH Repeater DatasheetPdf (PDF - 378KB)

Sensys RP240-BH-LL Repeater DatasheetPdf (PDF - 440KB)

Sensys VSN240-M MicroRadar SensorPdf (PDF - 829KB)

Sensys SNAPS Professional v2.8 SoftwarePdf (PDF - 770KB)

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