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Alpha Technologies FXM 1100 - Rugged UPS Module
Alpha Technologies FXM 1100 - Rugged UPS Module
Tomar Strobecom
Tomar Strobecom
Encom Pulse S
Encom Pulse S System

Experts in transportation control equipment since 1977, RGA, LLC provides a wide range of traffic supporting systems for our customers in Maryland, District of Columbia (DC), Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. We build and program UPS systems, school zone signals, radio solutions, and provide other solutions from top manufacturers, including Encom, Tomar, Pelco, GE Lighting and Polara. The supporting systems from Encom operate on frequencies that are optimized to securely transmit high quality video and voice over internet protocol. Traffic Control Strobecom from Tomar is engineered to help emergency service professionals reach their destination quickly and safely by moving through intersections with a green light.

Our tradition in quality is shown by the traffic signals, LEDs, pedestrian crossing equipment, and other signal heads fabricated by well-respected manufacturers.  Pelco carries a variety of signal heads and accessories, such as large capacity products, sign mountings, camera mountings, push buttons, cabinets, back plates, and traffic accessories. We also carry GE lighting solutions that feature energy efficient, long life LED lamps, and modules which require fewer lamp replacements and can detect dusk and dawn. And for accessible pedestrian signals and push buttons, Polara products have many important features, including support network functions, enhanced security, and state-of-the-art audible and tactile features for all phases.

To learn more about the variety of supporting traffic systems that we offer here at RGA, please contact us directly.


Supporting Solutions Products & Benefits

  • Designing superior wireless products and networks for governments and industry for more than 20 years
  • Products are built to shine in the harshest environmental, topographical and radio-frequency environments imaginable
  • Consulting services provide ground up system design including theoretical computer models and proposals, site survey and guaranteed technical support
  • Leads the pack in serial technology, designing robust, reliable, error-free radios with extended range and enhanced interference avoidance methods to provide unparalleled performance in point-to-point or point-multipoint networks
COMMPAK BB Broadband BrochurePdf (PDF - 2258KB)

ENCOM On_Off Control BrochurePdf (PDF - 121KB)

ENCOM Serial Series BrochurePdf (PDF - 1680KB)

ENCOM Energy 5 GHz BrochurePdf (PDF - 3804KB)

ENCOM Pulse S BrochurePdf (PDF - 3556KB)

  • Dedicated to the pursuit of perfecting LED, Strobe and NEOBE technology
  • Is a leading manufacturer of high quality emergency warning products and optical preemption systems
  • Has engineered, designed, and manufactured highly reliable and extremely efficient LED and strobe light systems
Tomar StrobecomPdf (PDF - 2015KB)

  • Manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments for the traffic signal, traffic data collection, and parking industry
  • Industry leader in conflict monitor testers, BUI testers, loop & detector testers, surge suppressor testers, load switch/flasher/transfer relay testers, and counter/classifier testers

  • Applied Information has everything you need to add web based monitoring and control to your systems and products! Differentiate and get a competitive advantage by providing you with the ability to remotely monitor and control ITS equipment.
AI FIeld Monitoring UnitPdf (PDF - 893KB)

AI Glance Preempt Priority SystemPdf (PDF - 1222KB)

AI Preempt Priority Intersection ControllerPdf (PDF - 954KB)

AI School Beacon Flasher Timer-SwitchPdf (PDF - 641KB)

  • As a market leader in solar LED flashing beacons, Carmanah Technologies provides robust, reliable and innovative solar solutions for the traffic industry. RGA is proud to carry Carmanah's stand out solutions, the R920 and SC315 rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) systems, for improving pedestrian crossings. Federal Highway Administration research show RRFBs to improve driver yield rates at crosswalks up to 96%, in some cases. Carmanah's self-contained, cost-effective flashing beacons are easy to install and are chosen by departments of transportation, municipalities and active transportation groups throughout North America.
Carmanah R247Pdf (PDF - 444KB)

Carmanah R829Pdf (PDF - 459KB)

Carmanah R920Pdf (PDF - 821KB)

Pelco Products Inc.
  • Family owned business specializing in the design and manufacture of traffic signal hardware, utility products and decorative outdoor lighting
  • Largest traffic signal hardware manufacturer in the nation
  • Avid supporter and incorporator of green practices
  • Can create durable 3 D printed models using the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Production facilities are powered by 100 5 wind generated electricity

GE lighting Solutions
  • LED fixtures that fit perfectly into existing places
  • Expert in the light-emitting diode (LED) category with an expansive installed base of more than 25 million linear feet of LED lighting
  • Provide an extensive line of high-performance LED product solutions, including lamps, architectural lighting, display lighting, signage lighting, outdoor lighting and transportation lighting solutions
GE Gtx - LED Signal Modules 8 & 12 inch Incandescent (120V)Pdf(PDF - 467KB)

GE Lighting Solutions - GT1 LED - Arrow Signals- 12 inch Red, Yellow, GreenPdf (PDF - 240KB)

GE Gtx - LED Signal Modules - Internal Masks - 200mm (8 in) and 300mm (12 in)Pdf (PDF - 186KB)

GE GT1 - LED - Pedestrian Signals-12 inch - Full Hand, Full Person, Overlay, Countdown)Pdf (PDF - 198KB)

GE - GT1 LED Pedestrian Signals 16 x 18 inch Side by Side - Full Hand, Full PersonPdf (PDF - 232KB)

GT1 LED - Countdown - Pedestrian Signals - 16 x 18 inchPdf (PDF - 148KB)

GE VLA Model - LED Signal Modules - 8 and 12 inch - Incandescent look (120V)Pdf (PDF - 424KB)

  • Leading Manufacturer of Accessible pedestrian signals and pedestrian push buttons
  • Serve industries such as traffic, medical, military, and industrial
  • Is a service-oriented, diversified , innovative, design and manufacturing organization
Navigator APS - EZ CommunicatorPdf (PDF - 1500KB)

Polara Navigator 4-Wire EZ CommunicatorPdf (PDF - 2030KB)

  • Service in the elctro-mechnical traffic control signals
  • UL certified
Temple Edge-Lit Internally-Illuminated LED SignsPdf (PDF - 279KB)

Temple Edge-Lit Razor Side Access Internally-Illuminated LED SignsPdf (PDF - 431KB)

Lane Light
  • LaneLight provides in-road stainless steel light-heads for LED enhanced warning systems. This dramatically increases the visibility of crosswalks, bike lanes, turn lanes, wrong way systems, and road dividing lines on HOV lanes, curves, bridges, and tunnels.
IRWL Crosswalk Systems BrochurePdf (PDF - 1216KB)

Photo Bollard BrochurePdf (PDF - 853KB)

National Sign and signal
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • Design Build and ship LED street name signs
  • Custom manufactured signs and signals to deliver critical information under the most difficult of circumstances

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