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Traffic Control System
Traffic Control System
M60 Transportation Controller Unit
M60 Transportation Controllers
Tactics Controllers
Tactics Controllers

With well over 35 years of providing transportation control of all types to the Mid-Atlantic region, RGA, LLC is proud to supply traffic controllers, management software, and support services Siemens, the global market leader in traffic and transportation technology. Siemens offers adaptive traffic control software that provides municipalities with multiple choices when dealing with traffic control situations. Offerings include Tactics ATMS software, ACS Lite and SCOOT. Also available from Siemens are several options in local controller hardware, such as the modular-designed 2070, the proven M50 series, and the M60 series including the M60ATC.

To learn more about the traffic controllers and platforms that RGA offers for our Maryland, District of Columbia (DC), Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina clients, please contact us directly.


Traffic Controllers Products & Benefits

  • Offers a traffic control center for integrated urban traffic management. It collects precise, important traffic data and provides a reliable overview
  • Comply with the required standards and thus offers maximum integration
Siemens Advanced Transportation Controllers - 2070E Series ControllerPdf (PDF - 2.22MB)

Siemens Traffic Controller Cabinets
- M50 Series Controller
(PDF - 1.51MB)

Siemens Advanced Traffic Controllers
- M60 Controller Series
(PDF - 3.53MB)

Siemens SEPAC® Local Controller SoftwarePdf (PDF - 303KB)

Siemens - Tactics - Advanced Transportation Management SystemPdf (PDF - 1705KB)

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