Intersection Traffic Control Cabinets & Signals

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Siemens Size M-36 Cabinet Assembly
Siemens Size M-36 Cabinet Assembly
Siemens Model 332 Cabinet Assembly
Siemens Model 332 Cabinet Assembly
Eagle SG Aluminum Signal
Eagle SG Aluminum Signal

Playing a vital role in traffic control products for over 35 years, RGA, LLC is a proud distributor of the finest intersection traffic cabinets for local, state, and federal agencies. Our customers in Maryland, District of Columbia (DC), Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina rely on us to provide high quality traffic cabinets from top manufacturers. A full range of standard and custom built traffic control cabinets are available from Eagle Traffic Control Systems that meet ITS, CALTRANS, and NEMA specifications. We offer a diverse variety of accessories allowing us to customize our cabinets to suit your needs. In addition, we also provide enclosures from APX Enclosures. APX provides secure and durable enclosures that can be UL listed and NEMA certified. These enclosures provide state-of-the-art protection for equipment used by traffic, telecom, public works, and security.

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Traffic Cabinets & Signals Products & Benefits

Eagle TCS
  • Eagle cabinets and accessories are built with the highest standards in quality and manufacturing. With a long standing history of technological innovations, well renowned customer service, and high quality products and services, Eagle is the leader in traffic technology products and solutions.
  • The Eagle cabinets protect electronic components including controllers and other instruments. They also feature an aluminum enclosure for protection from all forms of outdoor natural elements, including rain, sleet, and snow, as well as seepage and splash.
  • The Super P aluminum cabinet includes a divided compartment to house a battery backup system, allowing for an uninterrupted power supply in the same enclosure, for ease of installation.
Eagle 332L Wired CabinetPdf (PDF - 848KB)

Eagle 336L Wired CabinetPdf (PDF - 1.24MB)

Eagle M36 CabinetPdf (PDF - 1.62MB)

Cabinet Riser BasesPdf (PDF - 2.55MB)

Eagle Size R CabinetPdf (PDF - 832KB)

Eagle Size P CabinetPdf (PDF - 1.30MB)

Eagle 12 inch Poly Ped SignalPdf (PDF - 3.30MB)

Eagle 16 inch Poly Ped SignalPdf (PDF - 3.59MB)

Eagle SA Poly SignalPdf (PDF - 1.91MB)

Eagle SG Alum SignalPdf (PDF - 1.09MB)

Eagle SG Poly SignalPdf (PDF - 1.04MB)
  • Complete source for the design and manufacturing of UL Listed/NEMA certified outdoor enclosures for traffic, telecom, public works, and security
  • Provide the most secure and durable enclosures possible to their customers
  • Offer a large selection of options and accessories to complete your APX enclosure

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