Distributor & Supplier of Tomar Electronics Emergency Vehicle & Traffic Control Systems

Tomar Electronics, Inc.

At RGA LLC, we are a proud to partner with Tomar Electronics to provide specialized, high efficiency emergency vehicle traffic systems and components. Tomar has designed and engineered the Strobecom II Optical Preemption and Priority Control System. Utilizing Optical Preemption Detectors, Optical Signal Processors (OSP), and Xenon strobe light emitters, the Strobecom II communicates with traffic control systems located at each intersection to give emergency vehicles a green light before entering the intersection, allowing these vehicles to arrive at their destinations quickly and safely. Also available from Tomar is the 1790-1014 Strobeswitch. This is a compact, low cost product that detects a special strobe light signal and opens access gates to allow quick entrance for emergency vehicles. We are honored to supply these community-enhancing traffic systems to our customers in the Maryland, District of Columbia (DC), Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina region.

Please contact RGA directly to learn more about the different traffic control solutions available for your community.

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