Distributor & Supplier of Sensys Central Control Freeway & Traffic Sensors


Wireless traffic detection is an innovative industry that provides sustainable and economical mobility solutions, and RGA, LLC is proud to be the sole supplier of Sensys central control sensors, repeaters, and software for the Maryland, District of Columbia (DC), Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina region. At RGA, we offer the Sensys Networks Access Point (AP), which is used to maintain two-way communications with in-ground sensors. It features data storage, easy installations, firmware upgrades, and a synchronized time base for all supported sensors. Also available is the highly advanced VSN240 Sensor, which detects vehicle presence and movement. This sensor has in-pavement installation with no wires; it is impervious to weather, has a 10-year battery life, and is capable of over 300 million detections. With additional options available such as repeaters and SNAPS 2.10 software, we at RGA take pride in distributing high-tech Sensys products in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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