Distributor & Supplier of GE Illumination Energy Efficient LED Traffic Signal Products

GE Lighting Solutions

GE Lighting Solutions has demonstrated their expertise in light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with a wide variety of products, and RGA, LLC is proud to partner with them to provide traffic and pedestrian LEDs. We carry the all new GTx LED traffic signal. This signal features a micro-controlled power supply that allows for high levels of flexibility, including dimming, fault logging, and option boards that permit a host of new functionality. Also available are VLA LED signals in 120V. These signals can be purchased in 8 and 12 inch modules, with up to 90% energy efficiency over incandescent bulbs. Fulfilling the very important role in synchronizing foot traffic and automobiles, RGA offers robust GE LED Pedestrian Control Signals, with proven reliability, UV stabilized lens & shell, and ITE and/or Caltrans compliant designs.

To learn more about the LED traffic solutions that we provide for our Maryland, District of Columbia (DC), Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina customers, please contact RGA directly.

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