Distributor & Supplier of Alpha Battery Backup for Traffic Systems

Alpha Technologies

In the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Alpha has become a market leader in products that help improve traffic controller reliability. RGA, LLC is proud to be the sole source of Alpha traffic systems and battery backups for our customers in Maryland, District of Columbia (DC), Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. We offer rugged UPS power modules such as the Alpha FXM, which ensures that equipment in traffic control environments remains safe and protected from power disturbances in even the most extreme conditions. For power backups, the AlphaCell 195 GXL-FT gel front batteries are valve regulated lead acid batteries that have low discharge rates, can be used outdoors, and are designed for long life. All Alpha battery backup systems provide continual power to operating systems during power outages, keeping traffic intersections flowing for increased safety and minimized accidents.

To learn more about the Alpha brand power backups we provide at RGA, please feel free to contact us directly.

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